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    Protein domains

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    • CDD
    • Gene3D
      CATH/Gene3D families.
    • HAMAP
      HAMAP is a system, based on manual protein annotation, that identifies and semi-automatically annotates proteins that are part of well-conserved families or subfamilies: the HAMAP families.
      Protein families from PANTHER.
    • PIRSF
      Protein domains and motifs from the PIR (Protein Information Resource) Superfamily database.
    • PROSITE patterns
      Protein domains and motifs from the PROSITE patterns database.
    • PROSITE profiles
      Protein domains and motifs from the PROSITE profiles database.
    • Pfam
      Protein domains and motifs in the Pfam database.
    • Prints
      Protein fingerprints (groups of conserved motifs) from the PRINTS database.
    • ProDom
      ProDom domains.
    • SFLD
    • SMART
      Protein domains and motifs in the SMART database.
    • Superfamily
      Protein domains and motifs in the SUPERFAMILY database.
      Protein domains and motifs in the TIGRFAM database.

    Protein features

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    • Cleavage site (Signalp)
      Prediction of signal peptide cleavage sites by SignalP.
    • Coiled-coils (Ncoils)
      Prediction of coiled-coil regions in proteins is by Ncoils.
    • Low complexity (Seg)
      Identification of peptide low complexity sequences by Seg.
    • MobiDB lite
      Prediction of intrinsically disordered regions in proteins by MobiDB lite.
    • Transmembrane helices
      Prediction of transmembrane helices in proteins by TMHMM.

    Information and decorations

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