Kalume et al. (2005) Anopheles gambiae mass spec. peptides


Description of data

3,967 mass spectra from 16 LC-MS/MS runs of An. gambiae salivary gland homogenates against the An. gambiae genome database. This allowed us to validate 23 known transcripts and 50 novel transcripts. In addition, a novel gene was identified on the basis of peptides that matched a genomic region where no gene was known and no transcript had been predicted. The amino termini of proteins encoded by two predicted transcripts were confirmed based on N-terminally acetylated peptides sequenced by tandem mass spectrometry. Finally, six sequence polymorphisms could be annotated based on experimentally obtained peptide sequences.


Genome annotation of Anopheles gambiae using mass spectrometry-derived data.
Kalume DE, Peri S, Reddy R, Zhong J, Okulate M, Kumar N, Pandey A.
BMC Genomics. 2005 Sep 19;6:128.