Submission guidelines for expression data

Why submit your data?

Nobody likes submitting data to repositories, so let's start by outlining the benefits of submitting your gene expression data to VectorBase's Gene Expression Resource:

  1. When your data is fully loaded, we will be able to take care of the ArrayExpress submission for you. We are aiming to make the submission process as easy as possible, and tailor it to the insect vector community.
  2. While you are waiting for a publication date, you may analyse your data (and share with selected other labs if you wish) using BASE's powerful and expandable web-based user interface.
  3. If your array's reporters have been mapped to the genome (we aim to do this within a few months of receiving your array design), you can make your data available through the VectorBase and Ensembl genome browsers. Some examples:
  4. We (and eventually ArrayExpress) will have a secure off-site copy of your data.

Data submission policy

VectorBase currently considers for inclusion all publication quality microarray experiments that have been submitted to a global repository, such as GEO or ArrayExpress and are fully MIAME-compliant (raw unprocessed data is required: quantified scans, not scan images). By publication quality, we mean that sufficient replicates and controls have been performed, the samples have suitable meta-data (including, but not limited to strain, age, sex, developmental stage) and that some differential expression is detected. We regret that we may not have the resources to process all file formats and technology platforms.

Data submission outline

Please follow each of the links below for more details of the submission process.

  1. Array design
  2. Experimental data

Here is a checklist of things you'll need.

Or... submit direct to GEO/ArrayExpress

If you prefer, just submit straight to GEO or ArrayExpress, including raw data files in the submission and as much information about each sample as possible. Then just let us know when we can pick up the data from there.

Curator contact details

Please email r.maccallum at regarding any aspect of data submission.

Please note that large files should be sent using Imperial College's file exchange service.