Microarray data checklist

  1. Array design
    1. unique reporter IDs used throughout
    2. reporter sequences for mapping in VectorBase
    3. reporter annotation (experimental and control) for ArrayExpress submission
    4. .GAL file or equivalent for VectorBase
    5. array name
  2. Microarray data
    1. unique sample IDs
    2. sample annotations (tab-delimited file)
    3. sample growth, treatment, pooling, extraction and labelling protocols
    4. hybridization information (tab-delimited file)
    5. hybridisation, scanning, image analysis protocols
    6. tar or zipped raw data files
    7. If available: normalized data files and normalization protocol (for ArrayExpress)
    8. If available: final data matrix and data processing protocol (for ArrayExpress)
    9. list of experimental factors (annotations that you vary in expt)
  3. Experiment
    1. Short name
    2. Authors (especially principal author, if known) and addresses
    3. If available: publication title, abstract
    4. If a plot is suitable for the data, in which order should the plot be displayed (e.g head, midgut, ovaries or ovaries, head, midgut).