Cytogenetic map of Anopheles gambiae connected to PEST



Figure 1

Figure 1. Cytogenetic maps of Anopheles gambiae polytene chromosomes. The telomere is located towards the left hand side, where each chromosome arm is labeled. The centromere is located towards the right hand side, where each chromosome displays a bulb-like puff. On the bottom of each chromosome you can see lettered divisions and numbered subdivisions. A. High resolution photographic map (George et al 2010. Insect Mol Biol.19:675-82). On the top of each chromosome there is at least one genomic coordinate per 0.5 Mb of chromosome length. B. Chromosome’s schematic (drawn) representations (Pombi et al 2008. BMC Evol Biol.8:309).

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Figure 1A.
Figure 1B.


Figure 2

Figure 2. BAC in situ hybridization pictures of Anopheles gambiae chromosomes (data not published). The information about the location of certain BACs can be seen in three different ways. A. In situ hybridization image as a proof of experiment (e.g. 27D19). B. The BAC in a context of other BACs that were also in situ hybridized and yielded the signal on the chromosome in a close divisions location (e.g. 27A-27B-27C-27D-28A-28B-28C-28D). C. Zoomed-in fragment of photomap with the BAC location shown with underline and an arrow (e.g. 27D19).

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