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VectorBase is committed to a new release every two months. A list of changes and the latest data (e.g., current gene sets) relative to a specific release can be found in our release notes. Current and archived data are available for download below (an FAQ provides a summary of the file types).

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File Organism Size Type Description
Phlebotomus-papatasi-Israel_REPEATFEATURES_PpapI1.gff3.gz Phlebotomus papatasi 20.1 MB Repeat features Israel strain PpapI1 repeat features (RepeatMasker, Dust, TRF) in GFF3 format.
Rhipicephalus-microplus-Deutsch_CONTIGS_ADMZ02.fa.gz Rhipicephalus microplus 45.16 MB Contigs Deutsch isolate genome contig sequences, ADMZ02 assembly.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_CONTIGS_RproC3.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 164.71 MB Contigs CDC strain genomic contig sequences, RproC3 assembly.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_SCAFFOLDS_RproC3.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 165.33 MB Scaffolds CDC strain genomic scaffold sequences, RproC3 assembly, softmasked using RepeatMasker, Dust, and TRF.
Rhodnius-prolixus_TRACE_2008-11.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 1.56 GB Reads Submitted trace reads as of November 2007.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_PEPTIDES_RproC3.3.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 3.46 MB Peptides CDC strain peptide sequences, RproC3.3 geneset.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_TRANSCRIPTS_RproC3.3.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 5.47 MB Transcripts CDC strain transcript sequences, RproC3.3 geneset.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_BASEFEATURES_RproC3.3.gff3.gz Rhodnius prolixus 2.84 MB Basefeatures CDC strain RproC3.3 geneset in GFF3 format.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_BASEFEATURES_RproC3.3.gtf.gz Rhodnius prolixus 2.28 MB Basefeatures CDC strain RproC3.3 geneset in GTF (v2.2) format.
Rhodnius-prolixus_EST-CLIPPED_2012-12.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 2.46 MB ESTs Publicly submitted EST/cDNAs as of December 2012 with ends trimmed for poly A|T sequences.
Rhodnius-prolixus_EST-RAW_2012-12.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 2.46 MB Raw Publicly submitted EST/cDNAs as of December 2012.
Rhodnius-prolixus-NIAID_TSA_GAHY01.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 683.85 KB Assembled transcriptome TSA:GAHY00000000.1 from digestive tract
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_CONTIG2SCAFFOLD_RproC3.agp.gz Rhodnius prolixus 904.5 KB Contig to Scaffold mapping AGP (v2.0) file relating contigs to scaffolds for the Rhodnius prolixus CDC strain, RproC3 assembly.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_MAPPINGS_RproC3.1-RproC3.2.txt Rhodnius prolixus 86.93 KB ID Mapping Stable ID mapping between genesets RproC3.1 and RproC3.2 (RNA gene update)
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDS_MODIFICATIONS_RproC1.1-RproC1.2-ncRNA.txt Rhodnius prolixus 168.82 KB ID Mapping CDC strain gene prediction stable identifier mapping for ncRNAs from RproC1.1 to RproC1.2.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_REPEATS.lib Rhodnius prolixus 2.23 MB RepeatMasker library RepeatMasker library file of repeats for Rhodnius prolixus, CDC strain.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_REPEATFEATURES_RproC3.gff3.gz Rhodnius prolixus 30.42 MB Repeat features CDC strain RproC3 repeat features (RepeatMasker, Dust, TRF) in GFF3 format.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_PROJECTED_CDNA_RproC3.1.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 5.08 MB Transcript projection cDNA sequence (from the old assembly) of projected transcripts.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_PROJECTED_CDS_RproC3.1.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 4.78 MB Transcript projection Coding sequence (from the old assembly) of projected transcripts.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_PROJECTED_FEATURES_RproC3.1.gff3.gz Rhodnius prolixus 1.68 MB Transcript projection Projected transcripts (coordinates on the new assembly) in GFF3 format.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_PROJECTED_PEP_RproC3.1.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 3.11 MB Transcript projection Peptide sequence (from the old assembly) of projected transcripts.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_PROJECTION_README_RproC3.1.txt Rhodnius prolixus 6.96 KB Transcript projection In VectorBase release 1508, Rhodnius prolixus genes were projected from assembly version 1 (GCA_000181055.2) to assembly version 3 (GCA_000181055.3). This README file describes...
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_PROJECTION_REPORT_RproC3.1.txt Rhodnius prolixus 3.02 MB Transcript projection Description of the fate of every transcript in the old assembly, along with statistics to judge the quality and quantity of evidence. Columns: * transcript: stable ID * status...
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_PROJECTION_SUMMARY_RproC3.1.txt Rhodnius prolixus 472 bytes Transcript projection A summary of the number of transcripts that could and could not be projected.
Rhodnius-prolixus-CDC_UNPROJECTED_CDNA_RproC3.1.fa.gz Rhodnius prolixus 91.89 KB Transcript projection cDNA sequence (from the old assembly) of unprojected transcripts.