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RNA-Seq Run 2DPE_NBF_1.s1.e1.ampl
Sample 2DPE_NBF_1.s1 (channel 1 of 1)
Annotation type Annotation value
Growth condition Non-blood-fed
Organism Anopheles gambiae
Material type whole_organism
Initial time point eclosion
Sex female
Compound control
Series sort key a
Age 2 days
Name Description
Ivermectin-containing blood meals at different ages (Seaman et al., 2015) Gene expression was compared between blood-fed and non-blood-fed adult female Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes. Furthermore, the blood meals either contained 11.75 ng/ml ivermectin (solubilized in dimethyl sulfoxide and diluted in PBS) or the same volume of DMSO alone in PBS as control. The first blood meal was at two days post-emergence and a second blood meal was administered at six days post-emergence. The non-blood-fed control at six days did have the blood meal at two days. Mosquitoes receiving an ivermectin treated blood at six days were given an untreated blood meal at two days. All mosquitoes had ad libitum access to sugar and water except when being starved for several hours on blood-feeding days. Transcript expression was assayed via paired-end Illumina sequencing with quantification through a simple tophat2/cufflinks pipeline.