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Hybridisation GSM1830945.extract.Cy3.hyb
Sample GSM1830945.sample (channel 1 of 1)
Annotation type Annotation value
Growth condition untreated control
Organism Biomphalaria glabrata
Material type whole_organism
Initial time point eclosion
Strain or line M line
Sex female
Developmental stage adult
Series sort key aa
Name Description
Exposure to Niclosamide (Zhang et al., 2015) Biomphalaria glabrata exposed to varying sublethal doses of Niclosamide, the active ingredient in Molluscicide Bayluscide. Snails were exposed to 0.15 mg/L, 0.10 mg/L or 0.05 mg/L for 24 hours, control snails were unexposed to Niclosamide.