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Hybridisation SML_1.1_lrt_v
Sample SML_1.1_lrt_v.sample (channel 1 of 1)
Annotation type Annotation value
Material type organism_part
Organism Anopheles gambiae
Developmental stage virgin adult
Strain or line G3
Series sort key 03
Sex female
Growth condition 3 hours post-mating
Age 4 days
Organism part Female Lower Reproductive Tract
Name Description
Female lower reproductive tract post-mating time-series (Gabrieli et al., 2014) Gene expression in the Anopheles gambiae female lower reproductive tract, comprising of the atrium and spermatheca, was measured in and compared between mosquitoes 3, 12 and 24 hours post mating and age-matched virgins. Transcriptional profile compared across 4 biological replicates using Agilent one-color microarrays. The data and protocols have been submitted to ArrayExpress under the accession E-MTAB-3022.