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RNA-Seq Run SRX390041_EA1HC.s1.e1.ampl
Sample SRX390041_EA1HC.s1 (channel 1 of 1)
Annotation type Annotation value
Material type whole_organism
Organism Aedes aegypti
Developmental stage larva
Strain or line Orlando
Series sort key 1a
Initial time point hatching
Disease state uninfected control
Compound EA1HC
Sex mixed_sex
Growth condition control fed
Age 3 days larva
Organism part larval gastric caeca
Name Description
Mosquito-microsporidia interactions (Desjardins et al., 2015) RNA-Seq of Aedes aegypti Orlando strains infected with Edhazardia aedis in the mosquito larval, adult and larval progeny life stages.