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Hybridisation duffield_circadian_heads-dark_dark-CircadianTime20_1
Annotation type Annotation value
Material type organism_part
Organism Anopheles gambiae
Developmental stage mated adult
Strain or line Pimperena
Series sort key CT20
Time 20.0 h
Sex female
Growth condition continuous dark regimen
Organism part head
Name Description
Circadian rhythm: heads, dark-dark (Rund et al., 2011) A DNA microarray analysis of Anopheles gambiae under and constant dark (DD) conditions was undertaken to study the global regulation of genes by diel and circadian mechanisms. Adult mated, non–blood-fed female mosquitoes were collected every 4h for 48h, and RNA from heads was assayed on the Affymetrix Plasmodium/Anopheles microarray. For specialized cyclic expression analysis please see this external site.