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Hybridisation gcfk_anodev_P_g1-cy5_SR-cy3
Sample gcfk_anodev_P_g1 (channel 1 of 2)
Annotation type Annotation value
Material type whole_organism
Organism Anopheles gambiae
Developmental stage pupa
Sample material whole_organism
Series sort key 007
Initial time point egg_laying
Series index 7
Sex mixed_sex
Generation 1
Series label pupa
Age 240 hours
Sample gcfk_MMC1_SR (channel 2 of 2)
Annotation type Annotation value
Organism Anopheles gambiae
Material type synthetic_DNA
Sample material synthetic_DNA
Name Description
Developmental series (Koutsos et al., 2007) Seven different Anopheles gambiae developmental stages (from embryo to adult) are profiled using the MMC1 EST array. The larval samples are time-based (rather than instar-based).

The expression ratios are calculated with respect to a standard reference sample in channel 2. The ratios can not be interpreted as up- or down-regulated. They may only be compared relative to each other.