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Hybridisation uci_bloodmeal_bf15d1
Sample uci_bloodmeal_bf15d1.s1 (channel 1 of 1)
Annotation type Annotation value
Growth condition blood-fed 15d
Organism Anopheles gambiae
Organism part whole_organism
Strain or line Pink-eye
Sex female
Developmental stage adult
Series sort key 070
Disease state uninfected
Name Description
Blood meal time series (Marinotti et al., 2006) Three day old Anopheles gambiae females are given a blood meal and are profiled at 7 different time points using the Affymetrix chip. This dataset can also be queried at
Blood meal after 15 days (Marinotti et al., 2006) Comparison of 15 day uninfected blood-fed vs. sugar-fed Anopheles gambiae females using the Affymetrix chip.