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Microarray Experiment Multi-insecticide resistant VK population (Kwiatkowska et al., 2013)
NameMulti-insecticide resistant VK population (Kwiatkowska et al., 2013)
SpeciesAnopheles gambiae
Experimental factorsStrainOrLine
Statistical testst-test
DescriptionWhole genome transcriptome profiling of a multi-insecticide resistant field population 'VK' of Anopheles gambiae from Burkina Faso compared to a susceptible laboratory strain Ngousso originally from Cameroon. ArrayExpress: E-MTAB-1083
AuthorsKwiatkowska RM, Platt N, Poupardin R, Irving H, Dabire RK, Mitchell S, Jones CM, Diabaté A, Ranson H, Wondji CS.
AffiliationsLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Vector Biology Department, UK.
Accessions ArrayExpress: E-MTAB-1083
PubMed ID 23380570
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Microarrays used
Microarray Description
LSTM An.gambiae AGAM15K V1.0 A 15K Agilent chip of probes against An. gambiae s.s. with 281 detoxification genes linked to insecticide resistance (David et al. 2005). Each detox gene has three unique probes. 25 random genes were selected to provide quality Q.C. estimates. ArrayExpress: A-MEXP-2196

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Name Samples
E-MTAB-1083__VK_A_Cy3_Ngoussou_A_Cy5 E-MTAB-1083_VK_A.sample
E-MTAB-1083__VK_B_Cy3_Ngoussou_B_Cy5 E-MTAB-1083_VK_B.sample
E-MTAB-1083__VK_C_Cy3_Ngoussou_C_Cy5 E-MTAB-1083_VK_C.sample
E-MTAB-1083__VK_A_Cy3_Ngoussou_B_Cy5 E-MTAB-1083_VK_A.sample
E-MTAB-1083__VK_B_Cy3_Ngoussou_A_Cy5 E-MTAB-1083_VK_B.sample
5 items found, displaying all items.