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Microarray Experiment Adult male mosquito ageing (Cook & Sinkins, 2010)
NameAdult male mosquito ageing (Cook & Sinkins, 2010)
SpeciesAnopheles gambiae
Experimental factorsAge
Statistical testsANOVA
Neighbour t-test
DescriptionA custom Agilent microarray was used to examine global gene expression during the adult lifetime of male Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes; more specifically at 10 day intervals post eclosion. GEO: GSE18194
AuthorsCook PE, Sinkins SP.
AffiliationsDepartment of Zoology, University of Oxford, Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research, Oxford, UK
Accessions GEO: GSE18194
PubMed ID 20695922
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Microarrays used
Microarray Description
OXFORD Anopheles gambiae Agilent 13k v1 Custom-commercial Anopheles gambiae array from Agilent, containing 60-mer probes designed against 13k transcripts from the AgamP3.4 gene build. GEO: GPL9246

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Name Samples
GSM454865 GSM454865.sample
GSM454866 GSM454866.sample
GSM454867 GSM454867.sample
GSM454868 GSM454868.sample
GSM454869 GSM454869.sample
GSM454870 GSM454870.sample
GSM454871 GSM454871.sample
GSM454872 GSM454872.sample
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