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Microarray Experiment Adult tissues (Baker et al., 2011)
NameAdult tissues (Baker et al., 2011)
SpeciesAnopheles gambiae
Experimental factorsOrganismPart:Sex
Statistical testsANOVA
DescriptionThis is the MozAtlas dataset. A number of tissues dissected from adult male and female Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes are assayed on the Affymetrix Plasmodium/Anopheles microarray. GEO: GSE21689
AuthorsBaker DA, Nolan T, Fischer B, Pinder A, Crisanti A, Russell S.
AffiliationsDepartment of Genetics, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge CB1 3QA, UK; Department of Life Sciences, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London, Imperial College Road, London SW7 2AZ, UK; Cambridge Systems Biology Centre, Tennis Court Road, Cambridge CB2 1QR, UK
Accessions GEO: GSE21689
PubMed ID 21649883
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Microarrays used
Microarray Description
Affymetrix Plasmodium Anopheles The GeneChip® Plasmodium/Anopheles Genome Array includes probe sets to over 4,300 Plasmodium falciparum transcripts and approximately 14,900 Anopheles gambiae transcripts. The Plasmodium/Anopheles Genome Array was developed in collaboration with the Malaria Research Institute at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. more

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Name Samples
GSM541167 GSM541167.sample
GSM541168 GSM541168.sample
GSM541169 GSM541169.sample
GSM541170 GSM541170.sample
GSM541171 GSM541171.sample
GSM541172 GSM541172.sample
GSM541173 GSM541173.sample
GSM541174 GSM541174.sample
GSM541175 GSM541175.sample
GSM541176 GSM541176.sample
GSM541177 GSM541177.sample
GSM541178 GSM541178.sample
GSM541179 GSM541179.sample
GSM541180 GSM541180.sample
GSM541181 GSM541181.sample
GSM541182 GSM541182.sample
GSM541203 GSM541203.sample
GSM541204 GSM541204.sample
GSM541205 GSM541205.sample
GSM541206 GSM541206.sample
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