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Microarray Experiment Desiccation stress (Wang et al., 2011)
NameDesiccation stress (Wang et al., 2011)
SpeciesAnopheles gambiae
Experimental factorsGrowthCondition
Statistical testsANOVA
DescriptionGene expression in Anopheles gambiae G3 strain mosquitoes exposed to moderate and extreme desiccating conditions (70% and 30% RH respectively) was assayed on the Affymetrix platform. GEO: GSE25433
AuthorsWang MH, Marinotti O, Vardo-Zalik A, Boparai R, Yan G.
AffiliationsProgram in Public Health, University of California Irvine, Irvine, California, United States of America. Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, University of California Irvine, Irvine, California, United States of America. Department of Biology, Pennsylvania State University, York, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Accessions GEO: GSE25433
PubMed ID 21991392
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Microarrays used
Microarray Description
Affymetrix Plasmodium Anopheles The GeneChip® Plasmodium/Anopheles Genome Array includes probe sets to over 4,300 Plasmodium falciparum transcripts and approximately 14,900 Anopheles gambiae transcripts. The Plasmodium/Anopheles Genome Array was developed in collaboration with the Malaria Research Institute at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. more

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Name Samples
GSM624291 GSM624291.sample
GSM624290 GSM624290.sample
GSM624289 GSM624289.sample
GSM624288 GSM624288.sample
GSM624299 GSM624299.sample
GSM624298 GSM624298.sample
GSM624297 GSM624297.sample
GSM624296 GSM624296.sample
GSM624306 GSM624306.sample
GSM624305 GSM624305.sample
GSM624304 GSM624304.sample
GSM624303 GSM624303.sample
GSM624295 GSM624295.sample
GSM624294 GSM624294.sample
GSM624293 GSM624293.sample
GSM624292 GSM624292.sample
GSM624300 GSM624300.sample
GSM624302 GSM624302.sample
GSM624301 GSM624301.sample
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