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Microarray Experiment Plasmodium berghei infected vs. uninfected (Zhao et al., 2012)
NamePlasmodium berghei infected vs. uninfected (Zhao et al., 2012)
SpeciesAnopheles gambiae
Experimental factorsDiseaseState:DiseaseStaging
Statistical testst-test
Neighbour t-test
DescriptionGene expression was compared between Plasmodium berghei-infected and uninfected adult female Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes at 10 and 17 days post infection. NCBI GEO: GSE32200.
AuthorsZhao YO, Kurscheid S, Zhang Y, Liu L, Zhang L, Loeliger K, Fikrig E.
AffiliationsSection of Infectious Diseases, Department of Internal Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Accessions GEO: GSE32200
PubMed ID 22808193
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Microarrays used
Microarray Description
Agilent A. gambiae 020449 44k v2 Commercially available Anopheles gambiae array from Agilent. 43,803 60-mer probes sourced from RefSeq, UniGene, TIGR, Ensembl, Entrez gene, anoGarn1 and UCSC dm3. GEO: GPL13157 This version has a different layout compared with the earlier version.

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Name Samples
GSM797843_10dpi_P1_Cy5_C1_Cy3 GSM797843_10dpiP1.sample
GSM797844_10dpi_P1_Cy5_C2_Cy3 GSM797844_10dpiP1.sample
GSM797845_10dpi_P1_Cy5_C3_Cy3 GSM797845_10dpiP1.sample
GSM797846_10dpi_P1_Cy5_C4_Cy3 GSM797846_10dpiP1.sample
GSM797847_17dpi_P1_Cy5_C1_Cy3 GSM797847_17dpiP1.sample
GSM797848_17dpi_P1_Cy5_C2_Cy3 GSM797848_17dpiP1.sample
GSM797849_17dpi_P1_Cy5_C3_Cy3 GSM797849_17dpiP1.sample
GSM797850_17dpi_P1_Cy5_C4_Cy3 GSM797850_17dpiP1.sample
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