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Microarray Experiment Male vs female Aedes aegypti pupal heads (Tomchaney et al., 2014)
NameMale vs female Aedes aegypti pupal heads (Tomchaney et al., 2014)
SpeciesAedes aegypti
Experimental factorsSex
Statistical testsANOVA
DescriptionRNA from heads of male and female pupae (24 hr). Transcripts linked to proteolysis, proteasome, metabolism, catabolic, and biosynthetic processes, ion transport, cell growth, and proliferation were differentially expressed in female vs male heads.
AuthorsMichael Tomchaney ; Keshava Mysore ; Longhua Sun ; Ping Li ; Scott J. Emrich ; David W. Severson ; Molly Duman-Scheel
AffiliationsEck Institute for Global Health, Galvin Life Sciences, University of Notre Dame Department of Biological Sciences, Galvin Life Sciences, University of Notre Dame
Accessions GEO: GSE56521
PubMed ID 25729562
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Microarrays used
Microarray Description
ND NimbleGen Aedes aegypti 12plex An expression design for 17,494 genes/transposable_ORFs from Aedes aegypti and TEfam with up to three 60-mer probe pairs (PM/MM) per gene. Each probe is also replicated 3 times on the array. The design includes random GC and other control probes. GEO: GPL18530

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Name Samples
GSM1363221.hyb GSM1363221.sample
GSM1363222.hyb GSM1363222.sample
GSM1363223.hyb GSM1363223.sample
GSM1363224.hyb GSM1363224.sample
GSM1363225.hyb GSM1363225.sample
GSM1363226.hyb GSM1363226.sample
GSM1363227.hyb GSM1363227.sample
GSM1363228.hyb GSM1363228.sample
GSM1363229.hyb GSM1363229.sample
GSM1363230.hyb GSM1363230.sample
GSM1363231.hyb GSM1363231.sample
GSM1363232.hyb GSM1363232.sample
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