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RNA-Seq Experiment Diapause induction and blood feeding (Huang et al., 2015)
NameDiapause induction and blood feeding (Huang et al., 2015)
SpeciesAedes albopictus
Experimental factorsDevelopmentalStage:GrowthCondition
Statistical testsANOVA
DescriptionDynamics of diapause induction in non-blood-fed and blood-fed Aedes albopictus. Female mosquitoes were reared in short-day diapause-inducing conditions, and long-day non-diapause inducing conditions and either blood-fed or non-blood-fed.
AuthorsHuang X, Poelchau MF, Armbruster PA
AffiliationsDepartment of Biology, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., United States of America.
Accessions SRA: SRP050258
PubMed ID 25897664
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Genesets used
Geneset Description
Aedes albopictus AaloF1.2 transcripts Foshan strain AaloF1.2 geneset.

Sequencing Runs
16 items found, displaying all items.
Name Samples
SD_NB_rep_2.s1.e1.ampl SD_NB_rep_2.s1
SD_NB_rep_3.s1.e1.ampl SD_NB_rep_3.s1
SD_NB_rep_4.s1.e1.ampl SD_NB_rep_4.s1
SD_NB_rep_1.s1.e1.ampl SD_NB_rep_1.s1
SD_BM_rep_1.s1.e1.ampl SD_BM_rep_1.s1
SD_BM_rep_2.s1.e1.ampl SD_BM_rep_2.s1
SD_BM_rep_3.s1.e1.ampl SD_BM_rep_3.s1
SD_BM_rep_4.s1.e1.ampl SD_BM_rep_4.s1
LD_NB_rep_1.s1.e1.ampl LD_NB_rep_1.s1
LD_NB_rep_2.s1.e1.ampl LD_NB_rep_2.s1
LD_NB_rep_3.s1.e1.ampl LD_NB_rep_3.s1
LD_NB_rep_4.s1.e1.ampl LD_NB_rep_4.s1
LD_BM_rep_1.s1.e1.ampl LD_BM_rep_1.s1
LD_BM_rep_2.s1.e1.ampl LD_BM_rep_2.s1
LD_BM_rep_3.s1.e1.ampl LD_BM_rep_3.s1
LD_BM_rep_4.s1.e1.ampl LD_BM_rep_4.s1
16 items found, displaying all items.