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Microarray Experiment Odumasy vs. Kisumu strain (Müller et al., 2007)
NameOdumasy vs. Kisumu strain (Müller et al., 2007)
SpeciesAnopheles gambiae
Experimental factorsStrainOrLine
Statistical testst-test
DescriptionTranscription profiling of a recently colonised pyrethroid resistant Anopheles gambiae strain from Ghana using a small custom "detox chip".
AuthorsMüller P, Donnelly MJ, Ranson H
AffiliationsVector Group, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool, L3 5QA, UK.
PubMed ID 17261191
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Microarrays used
Microarray Description
LIV A. gambiae DETOX 0.25k v1 A microarray containing fragments of 230 Anopheles gambiae genes from families associated with metabolic-based insecticide resistance was constructed. These gene fragments included 103 cytochrome P450s, 31 esterases, 35 GSTs, 41 Red/Ox genes, 5 ABC transporters, tissue specific genes and housekeeping genes. Each gene represented on the microarray was either obtained by PCR amplification or artificially synthesized as a 70-mer antisense oligo. ArrayExpress: A-MEXP-137

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Name Samples
lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu1-cy5_kis1-cy3 lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu1
lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu1-cy3_kis1-cy5 lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu1
lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu2-cy5_kis2-cy3 lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu2
lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu2-cy3_kis2-cy5 lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu2
lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu3-cy5_kis3-cy3 lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu3
lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu3-cy3_kis3-cy5 lstm_oduvskisfemales_odu3
6 items found, displaying all items.