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Anopheles gambiae

Probe Information
Uniquely associated with AGAP001111
Probe ID Probe annotation Location(s)
Ag.2R.1233.0_CDS_at Probe sequence aligns to 3 genomic locations, 1 gene and 3 transcript. Anopheles gambiae genome
Ag.2R.1233.1_a_at Probe sequence aligns to 3 genomic locations, 1 gene and 3 transcript. Anopheles gambiae genome
Not uniquely associated with AGAP001111 and excluded from expression summary
Probe ID Genes Probe annotation Location(s)
Ag.2R.821.0_CDS_at AGAP001111, AGAP001113 Probe sequence aligns to 4 genomic locations, 2 gene and 4 transcript. Anopheles gambiae genome
Expression summary
Experiment P-value Test Experimental factor Summary
Embryonic serosa (Goltsev et al., 2009)
Microarray experiment info

Organism part
Non-significant differential expression
↑ embryonic serosa
↓ embryo

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Plot data in tabular form
OrganismPart mean stdev min lower 95% C.I. median upper 95% C.I. max n
embryonic serosa 4.82 0.17 4.66 4.41 4.80 5.23 4.99 3
embryo 4.80 0.10 4.71 4.55 4.78 5.05 4.91 3

Spot data
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Hybridisation OrganismPart Probe / Probe Set position value
levine_embryo_serosa_rep3 embryonic serosa Ag.2R.1233.0_CDS_at 5001 6.24
levine_embryo_embryo_rep3 embryo Ag.2R.1233.0_CDS_at 5001 6.24
levine_embryo_embryo_rep2 embryo Ag.2R.1233.0_CDS_at 5001 6.03
levine_embryo_serosa_rep2 embryonic serosa Ag.2R.1233.0_CDS_at 5001 5.96
levine_embryo_embryo_rep1 embryo Ag.2R.1233.0_CDS_at 5001 5.95
levine_embryo_serosa_rep1 embryonic serosa Ag.2R.1233.0_CDS_at 5001 5.84
levine_embryo_serosa_rep3 embryonic serosa Ag.2R.1233.1_a_at 5002 3.74
levine_embryo_serosa_rep2 embryonic serosa Ag.2R.1233.1_a_at 5002 3.63
levine_embryo_embryo_rep3 embryo Ag.2R.1233.1_a_at 5002 3.58
levine_embryo_embryo_rep2 embryo Ag.2R.1233.1_a_at 5002 3.53
levine_embryo_serosa_rep1 embryonic serosa Ag.2R.1233.1_a_at 5002 3.48
levine_embryo_embryo_rep1 embryo Ag.2R.1233.1_a_at 5002 3.48
12 items found, displaying all items.