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Gene MDOA016383 Expression Report
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Musca domestica
Probe Information
Uniquely associated with MDOA016383
Probe ID Probe annotation Location(s)
MdomA1.2_MDOA016383-RA RNAseq reference transcript
MdomA1.3_MDOA016383-RA RNAseq reference transcript
Expression summary
Experiment P-value Test Experimental factor Summary
Transcriptome differences between sex determining genotypes (Meisel et al., 2015)
RNA-Seq experiment info
Plots and data
Strain or line and organism part and sex
Significant differential expression
↑ Y-M:testis:male
↓ Aabys:ovary:female
Hytrosavirus infection (Kariithi et al., 2017)
RNA-Seq experiment info
Plots and data
Growth condition
Non-significant differential expression
↑ hytrosavirus infected
↓ uninfected control