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Geneset Anopheles gambiae AgamP4.3 transcripts
Description The AgamP4.3 update was derived from the publication Long non-coding RNA discovery across the genus anopheles reveals conserved secondary structures within and beyond the Gambiae complex by Jenkins et al, 2015 (PMID:25903279) Genes: 13,793 Protein-coding genes: 13,007 Transcripts: 15,656 Protein-coding transcripts:14,870
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Name Description
Transcript abundance after bloodmeal (Vannini et al., 2014) Comparison of transcript abundance in the female Anopheles gambiae, 3 hours after blood meal with non-blood fed controls.
Translational regulation in the midgut during falciparum infection (Mead et al., 2012) The association of transcripts with polyribosomes (polysomes) in actively translating Anopheles gambiae. Midguts dissected 22-26 hours post blood meals was used.