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Sample gcfk_anodev_Lb_g1
Annotation type Annotation value
Material type whole_organism
Organism Anopheles gambiae
Developmental stage larva
Sample material whole_organism
Series sort key 003
Initial time point egg_laying
Series index 3
Sex mixed_sex
Generation 1
Series label Larva B
Age 96 hours
Sequencing Runs and Hybridisations
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Name Samples
gcfk_anodev_Lb_g1-cy3_SR-cy5 gcfk_anodev_Lb_g1
gcfk_anodev_Lb_g1-cy5_SR-cy3 gcfk_anodev_Lb_g1
gcfk_anodev_Lb2_g1-cy3_SR-cy5 gcfk_anodev_Lb_g1
3 items found, displaying all items.