Are the genes experimentally validated?


No genes have been experimentally validated by VectorBase - we automatically predicted all our initial gene sets, but used all available data including EST/RNAseq data, protein alignments, as well as data from more distant species. For most of our An. gambiae genes and a large number of Aedes aegypti genes, a previous VectorBase curator has manually checked the gene model. A large number of other genes have been assessed and corrected if needed by our research communities. As of October 2015 (VB-2015-10) any such community annotation not yet incorporated into an updated gene set can be viewed in WebApollo.

Vectorbase also provides indirect experimental evidence in the Genome Browser. For example, the Anopheles gene AGAP010082 has:

  • support from 'Anopheles ESTs' (see models in violet),
  • support from'Other species proteins' (- see match in yellow). The protein is Q29HT4, a D. pseudoobscura protein.
  • additional evidence from third-party sources

In summary: this model has not been validated experimentally but is of high quality as it's supported by EST and protein alignments.