Do you have workshops on using VectorBase?


VectorBase hands-on workshops

We invite labs and institutes to host VectorBase workshops (demos and hands-on tutorials). You are free to select the topics you would like us to cover. If you are interested, please contact us at for more details.

Workshop at meetings/conferences

VectorBase staff also attend a number of meetings where we host workshops. These are usually connected with vector biology/tropical medicine meetings and are posted in our Newsletter and in the Meetings & Conferences section of our Forum.

FAQs and tutorials

Our FAQs, tutorials and our tour of VectorBase will give you an overview of what is possible.

Ensembl workshop

Another option is to participate to an Ensembl workshop which will give a good grounding in the tools we use (the ensembl genome browser and biomart data mining tool). More information about these can be found on this link