How can I find RNAi gene pathway members?


Two solutions to get the RNAi:

1. VectorBase

If you know the name of the RNAi gene member you're looking for, you can try typing it in the SEARCH box above (e.g. Argonaute*).
You may get results from one or more genomes. Select a gene (or more) and grab its orthologs (on the Genome Browser: Gene Tab page -> orthologs section) in your species of interest.

2. BioMart

ImmunoDB for Aedes aegypti

The Aedes RNAi were deposited by Peter Atkinson, Peter Arensburger and Corey Campbell in immunodb. Under "view expert annotations..." (the yellow box) select "SRRPs: Small RNA Regulatory Pathway Members" for gene family, and "Aedes aegypti" for species.