How to cite VectorBase


Cite VectorBase most recent paper

If you use VectorBase data, tools or resources, we invite you to please cite our most recent paper:

Giraldo-Calderón GI, Emrich SJ, MacCallum RM, Maslen G, Dialynas E, Topalis P, Ho N, Gesing S, VectorBase Consortium, Madey G, Collins FH, Lawson D. 2015. VectorBase: an updated bioinformatics resource for invertebrate vectors and other organisms related with human diseases. Nucleic Acids Research 43(Database issue):D707-13.

Reference a species geneset

VectorBase, (VectorBase most recent paper), <Species_name><isolate/strain> <Assembly, Gene set>.

Worked example

For example if you want to reference your usage of the Anopheles gambiae AgamP4.9 set of predictions you would use:

VectorBase, (Giraldo-Calderón et al 2015), Anopheles gambiae PEST, AgamP4.9.

How to cite a gene?

Follow this link to the FAQ that describes how to cite a gene.