How to find a triad of BACs in situ images, divisions and photomaps?

  • Go to your area of interest in the genome browser, e.g., 2L:46523702-46773701

  • Identify your BAC clone name of interest using the track called “BAC map” displayed in bright green, e.g., 27D19

    (To activate this track go to the tutorial called "Browsing genomes: Visualizing and adding tracks")

    Hint: the track called “BACs” and displayed in gray are in silico (i.e. computationally) aligned to chromosomes and in consequence will not have images associated.

  • Go to the top of the page and type your queries in the search box, e.g., 27D19* (you get in situ image and photomap); *27D* (you get the division image)

    Hint:in order for these queries to work you have to include the asterisk (*) as shown in the examples above. For more information about how to use asterisk for search follow this tutorial link.

For more information about all the BAC images archived in VectorBase please contact Dr. Maria V. Sharakhova (