What are these AGAPxxx identifiers and where are the old ENSANGxxx IDs?


Changing the Anopheles gambiae gene nomenclature

The annotation of the Anopheles gambiae genome has been undertaken by a number of groups since the PEST publication in 2002. VectorBase assumed responsibility for the curation of the Anopheles genome as well as further vector genomes and it was decided to move away from the Ensembl stable identifier nomenclature in favour of a more FlyBase style system. In line with this the identifiers for Anopheles were changed to the VectorBase gene identifiers from genebuild 4. All VectorBase identifiers for An. gambiae begin with the 4 letters AGAP. The same numeric value is used for a gene and all its products (transcripts and proteins). Alternate products of a single gene have suffixes ending A, B, C etc.

More details can be found about the AgamP3.4 gene build and there is also further practical guidance for conversion between identifiers available.


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