Release VB-2014-06

We are pleased to announce the June release of VectorBase (VB-2014-06):

  • The house fly (Musca domestica) has been added into VectorBase to facilitate comparative analysis with dipteran vectors.
  • Eighteen more insecticide resistance data from the original IRBase resource are now available in our new Population Biology resource. This will immediately allow new visualizations and will allow building integrated views of genetic, resistance and even pathogen data.
  • Gene set updates for 7 members of Anopheles cluster based on automatic annotation and comparative approaches.
  • Gene ontology (GO) added for Anopheles coluzzi (former M), Biomphalaria glabrata, Lutzomyia longipalpis and Phlebotomus papatasi via Interpro annotations.
  • Variation databases for 6 Anophelines, Aedes aegypti and the tick Ixodes scapularis.
  • We are hosting the annotation software Web Apollo, the manual annotations created here will be collected by VectorBase to update the gene sets, you do not need to submit any files to us. As a transition period, during the next two months we will continue to receive GFF3 files for gene annotations generated with softwares such as Artemis.
  • The Ensembl genome browser has been updated to version 75. New features include the ability to define a region to view/annotate in our new WebApollo instances.
  • Seven of the tutorials and/or their practice exercises have been updated for this release. Additionally, we are also providing a link to Web Apollo user guide.
  • Blast, ClustalW, and Hmmer have job numbers locked to the user that created them. Jobs that are created while not logged in will be accessible to anyone until they are deleted periodically by VectorBase. User jobs that are not saved will also be deleted periodically.
For more information about this release please follow this link: