Release VB-2017-08

We are pleased to announce the August 2017 release of VectorBase (VB-2017-08):
  • The gene set for Biomphalaria glabrata has been updated to the NCBI Biomphalaria glabrata Annotation Release 100, and combined with RNA gene models based on alignment to Rfam (v12.1) covariance models. Both the previous and latest gene sets for Biomphalaria glabrata are available in the Apollo editor for community annotation projects to work with.
  • In this release most of the variation databases have been updated to use VCF data storage for genotypes. VectorBase users should not notice any difference in performance, but if you do encounter any issues please contact the helpdesk.
  • The current Anopheles albimanus INSDC assembly update resulted in a minor change to the scaffold names and INSDC assembly id. These changes are not yet synchronised with this release of VectorBase, and will be resolved in October 2017 release.
  • Two large population biology datasets have been updated with new data. The President's Malaria Initiative insecticide resistance dataset now has 4,618 phenotypes (2,926 previously). The UC Davis/UCLA Anopheles gambiae complex population genetics dataset now contains 30,769 individual mosquito samples (13,654 previously).
  • Three differential expression RNA-seq datasets have been added to the expression browser.
  • Five insecticide resistance studies have been added to the population biology resource.
  • The PopBio Map now has animated aggregation and disaggregation of markers (easier to see than explain!)
  • The Data Files now allows for multiple files to be downloaded simultaneously.
  • Filter widgets can be added to other parts of the site other than the Search page. The InterPro pages displayed through the Search Result Details module and the Supplementary Dataset pages currently use this new feature.
  • The page for data submission has been updated.
  • There is a new FAQ (Which are the gene biotype definitions?) and updates to two related ones (What the gene set counts mean? and How are RNA genes annotated?). New Glossary entries include the 16 gene biotype terms.
  • The BioMart and Search tutorials have been updated.
  • From September to November this year (2017), we are going to provide 1-hour private lab meetings/webinars to interested groups. If you would like to nominate your lab please send us a message to with details about what your lab does (250 words maximum) and the specific questions you want to be addressed by VectorBase during the meeting.
For more information please follow this link: