Release VB-2018-12

We are pleased to announce the December 2018 release of VectorBase (VB-2018-12):

  • As noted in the VectorBase June 2018 release notes support for the Aedes aegypti L3 genome assembly will be discontinued after this release. The Ensembl Genomes site continues to host the old VectorBase AaegL3 browser and BioMart instance, but these resources will also be discontinued by Ensembl in early 2019. VectorBase continues to provide a number of other resources to help with the transition between assemblies and older gene sets.


    • Aedes-aegypti-Liverpool_MAPPINGS_AaegL3.5-AaegL5.1.txt - Stable gene ID mapping between genesets AaegL3.5 and AaegL5.1
    • Aedes-aegypti-Liverpool_MAPPINGS_AaegL3.3-AaegL3.4.txt - Stable gene ID mapping between genesets AaegL3.3 and AaegL3.4 (RNA gene update)
    • Aedes-aegypti-Liverpool_MODIFICATIONS_AaegL2.2-AaegL3.1-ncRNA.txt - Liverpool strain gene prediction stable identifier mapping for ncRNA from the AaegL2.2 to AaegL3.1 geneset
  • Dynamic legend in the PopBio map: updates as you move around the map, and you can optimize the data colors on-the-fly
  • First biochemical insecticide resistance assay data added to the database
  • Major remedial work done on the older insecticide resistance data in PopBio. Mostly the fixing of missing units, concentrations and durations.
  • "Barcoded" samples now part of PopBio. The sequences are stored and will be available through CSV downloads in a future release.
  • The schedule for 2019 outreach activities is open. Please send a messages to if you would like to host a workshop (click here for information). Registration is open for virtual lab meetings, these webinars have no cost. More meetings and events will be added during the year.
  • A new version of the VectorBase workshop handout is available here, the page includes a the student copy and the answer key. Email the help desk for questions or feedback.
  • An updated version of the Apollo FAQ 'Automatic emails explained' is available.
  • The gene manual edition tool we use, Apollo, will stop receiving annotations for at least six months next year. This means that your new gene or edit submissions will be incorporated as part of VectorBase official gene sets, probably only once in 2019 and will start again with more regular updates in 2020. While we post the official schedule, we strongly encourage you to complete your Apollo work as soon as possible.
  • The VectorBase team will be celebrating the holidays with their families from December 22nd, 2018 to January 6th, 2019. Please continue to send inquiries to the help desk ( if needed, but note a formal response will likely come in the new year when we return to our offices. We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!
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