RNAseq search functionality and data update

As stated in the August 2016 (2016-08) VectorBase release notes the old style RNAseq search interface has been retired, and all RNAseq search functionality has now been incorporated into the standard site search facility. RNAseq alignments are now derived from the HISAT pipeline, and the old alignments generated by other methods have been retired. Follow this link for the tutorial called ‘VectorBase RNAseqPart2 August2016 (pdf)’.

New RNAseq data has been added for the following species:

  • Aedes aegypti (+4 track hubs)
  • Anopheles gambiae (+3)
  • Anopheles merus (+2)
  • Anopheles stephensi (+1)
  • Musca domestica (+1)
  • Sarcoptes scabiei (+1, new)
  • Phlebotomus papatasi (SRA version replacement)