Six new insecticide resistance (IR) studies

Ten projects have been added:

  • State-wide mosquito surveillance in Iowa, USA. 2013-2014 (VBP0000194: details, map, 7000 collections, 19175 samples, 2680 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Insecticide resistance is mediated by multiple mechanisms in recently introduced Aedes aegypti from Madeira Island (Portugal) (VBP0000195: details, map, 16 collections, 16 samples, 8 phenotypes, 16 genotypes)
  • Multiple mechanisms of resistance to pyrethroids in Anopheles gambiae s.l populations in Niger (VBP0000196: details, map, 7 collections, 63 samples, 52 phenotypes, 7 genotypes)
  • Evaluation of piperonyl butoxide in enhancing the efcacy of pyrethroid insecticides against resistant Anopheles gambiae s.l. in Ghana (VBP0000197: details, map, 40 collections, 80 samples, 78 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Habitat productivity and pyrethroid susceptibility status of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (VBP0000198: details, map, 6 collections, 144 samples, 144 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Susceptibility to insecticides and resistance mechanisms in Aedes aegypti from the Colombian Caribbean Region. (VBP0000199: details, map, 9 collections, 81 samples, 81 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Pyrethroid susceptibility of malaria vectors in four Districts of western Kenya (VBP0000200: details, map, 111 collections, 111 samples, 111 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Tracking the return of Aedes aegypti to Brazil, the major vector of the dengue, chikungunya and Zika viruses (VBP0000176: details, map, 30 collections, 1032 samples, 0 phenotypes, 24566 genotypes)
  • Multiple introductions of the dengue vector, Aedes aegypti, into California (VBP0000177: details, map, 16 collections, 519 samples, 0 phenotypes, 11015 genotypes)
  • Effective population sizes of a major vector of human diseases, Aedes aegypti (VBP0000193: details, map, 29 collections, 1383 samples, 0 phenotypes, 30018 genotypes)
Two projects have been updated to fix minor data inconsistencies:
  • Genotyping and permethrin-resistance phenotyping of Anopheles gambiae M and S form mosquitoes from Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda and Guinea-Bissau (VBP0000004: details, map, 4 collections, 1833 samples, 2 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Identifying genomic changes associated with insecticide resistance in the dengue mosquito Aedes aegypti by deep targeted sequencing (VBP0000125: details, 8 collections, 14 samples, 0 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)