VectorBase team members among the six 2018 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge winners

Six winners top the 2018 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

Two first-place and four second-place recipients named in annual innovation competition to advance open science and open data for biodiversity

Second prize

Smart mosquito trap to DwC pipeline

Can smart sensors automate the capture of standardized time-series species occurrence data? For their Challenge entry, Connor Howington and Samuel Rund from have developed a workflow for processing real-time time abundance data gathered by commercially available devices for remote mosquito monitoring. The routine starts with pulling data from the BG-Counter’s proprietary API, condensing, cleaning and processing it to align with the open Darwin Core format. Their proof of concept represents a timely first step in preparing standardized open data from smart traps, given that next-generation sensors in development analyze wing-beat frequency to provide accurate species-level identifications.

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