PopBio new projects, major updates and fixes

Five insecticide resistance studies have been added to the population biology resource.

Five new projects have been added:

  • Knockdown resistance (kdr) of the voltage-gated sodium channel gene of Aedes aegypti population in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia (VBP0000189: details, map, 6 collections, 6 samples, 0 phenotypes, 18 genotypes)
  • Insecticide resistance in malaria vectors along the Thailand-Myanmar border (VBP0000190: details, map, 76 collections, 76 samples, 78 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • Species Identification and Resistance Status of Anopheles gambiae s.l. (Diptera: Culicidae) Mosquitoes in Guinea (VBP0000188: details, map, 19 collections, 19 samples, 8 phenotypes, 12 genotypes)
  • Insecticide-Treated Nets and Protection against Insecticide Resistant Malaria Vectors in Western Kenya (VBP0000192: details, map, 97 collections, 97 samples, 97 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
  • First report of the East African kdr mutation in an Anopheles gambiae mosquito in Côte d’Ivoire (VBP0000191: details, map, 1 collections, 4 samples, 4 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)
Two projects have had major updates. Both projects have approximately double the amount of data compared to before.
  • President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) insecticide susceptibility data (VBP0000123: details, map, 4688 collections, 4688 samples, 4618 phenotypes, 31 genotypes)
  • UC Davis/UCLA population dataset (VBP0000005: details, map, 819 collections, 30769 samples, 0 phenotypes, 198812 genotypes)
One project has had some minor updates to fix inconsistencies:
  • Blood-feeding patterns of native mosquitoes and insights into their potential role as pathogen vectors in the Thames estuary region of the United Kingdom (VBP0000179: details, map, 2141 collections, 2141 samples, 1341 phenotypes, 0 genotypes)