New An. gambiae Strain Sequencing Approved

On Wed., June 8, 2005, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), announced today that the Large-Scale Sequencing Research Network will target 13 more organisms as part of its ongoing effort to produce genomic data that will expand biological knowledge and improve human health. Among those to be sequenced are the "M" and "S" strains of the Anopheles gambiae.

You can read the full press release at:

Getting Started Docs Added

A quick "Getting Started" page has been put up in the documents sections. Move the mouse over the red circles to look at some of the basic features of VectorBase. E-mail us ( if there are any problems.

Image and Genome Search

It's now possible to do some pretty basic searches of the Anopheles genome, including associated images. Much of the functionality is similar to Ensembl, although the proprietary Altavista syntax doesn't work.

News Support Added

Support for detailed news entries has been added to the VectorBase Website.

An. gambiae Docs Posted

New documentation detailing methods involved in creating the next

BAC Images Online

Images of in situ hybridizations of BAC clones previously stored at AnoBase have been imported into VectorBase and associated with genomic data.

New Hardware Online

Initial setup of the primary VectorBase infrastructure hardware has been completed.

New Website

The initial VectorBase website has been put online for testing purposes.

E-Mail Listserv Online

E-Mail services have been set up to provide mass e-mailing and automatic archiving of VectorBase related correspondence.

First VectorBase Meeting

Representatives from each of the VectorBase subcontracting organizations met in Crete for role discussion.


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