VectorBase is now seeking scientific liaison/outreach manager

The University of Notre Dame ( is seeking a biologist with training and research experience in molecular biology and genomics, to join a large team working on highly visible web resources for the genomes and genome-related data of arthropod vectors of human pathogens (VectorBase). The successful applicant is expected to work closely with VectorBase developers and the external community of scientists who use the resource.

Release VB2011-06

VectorBase is pleased to announce the VB-2011-06 release. Highlights of this release include:

  • Pre-site for Glossina moritans. Features mapped to the genome and preliminary gene sets available.
  • New microarray data from Christian et al. and Cassone et al.

More details are available in the Release notes.

Glossina morsitans genome pre-released

The latest VectorBase release (VB-2011-06) contains preliminary data for the Glossina morsitans genome:

Release VB2011-04

VectorBase is pleased to announce the VB-2011-04 release.
Highlights of this release include:

Call for DBP Proposals

The NIAID-funded VectorBase invites research investigations called Driving Biological Projects (DBPs) from organizations housing experimental laboratories having expertise and knowledge in working with arthropod vectors of human pathogens. We anticipate making two awards of up to $600K each by April 1, 2012. A two page Letter of Intent (LOI) is due August 1, 2011. Full proposals will be solicited by invitation only, with a deadline of November 1, 2011.

Anopheles cluster sequencing underway

Samples are now in sequencing at the Broad Institute for the NHGRI/NIAID-supported project, Genome Analysis of Vectorial Capacity in Major Anopheles Vectors of Malaria Parasites.

Release VB2011-02

VectorBase is pleased to announce the VB-2011-02 release.
Highlights of this release include:
Preliminary Rhodnius prolixus genome browsers with transcript and protein similarities, repeats and preliminary gene predictions.

Kissing bugs for Valentine's Day!

A preliminary data set for Rhodnius prolixus is included in the VB-2011-02 release:
The annotation of Rhodnius prolixus is in process. At the present time, the following data are available:

Release VB2010-12

VectorBase is proud to announce its December release, codenamed VB-2010-12. You can find all the details in the release notes. Comments, questions and bug reports are welcome via the usual channels.

Updated An. gambiae gene set (AgamP3.6)

We've incorporated another 500 community annotations to the Anopheles gambiae gene set! More precisely, the update has lead to:
- 65 new genes,
- 156 new isoform predictions,


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