P. humanus Preliminary Assembly Posted

TIGR has released the preliminary Pediculus humanus genome

An. gambiae Gene Tool Updated

The Anopheles gambiae Gene Tool has been updated to be current with Version 42 of the VectorBase / Ensembl Genome Browser. Access it from the An. gambiae home page.

EST Datasets Updated

EST datasets for all organisms have been updated to include all ESTs available in GenBank as of January, 2007.

New P. humanus Homepage

A new homepage for the Body Louse, Pediculus humanus is now available on VectorBase.

Rhodnius genome project announcement

Janiero with participants from Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. At this meeting a Steering Committee to oversee and coordinate the Genome Project and work with John Spieth ( Washington U Genome Sequencing Center) to accomplish the goals of the White Paper. The Steering Committee consists of Erwin Huebner (Coordinator), Antonio Bernardo de Carvalho , Ellen Dotson, Carl Lowenberger, Fernando Monteiro, Pedro Oliveira, Francisco Panzera and Rolando Rivera Pomar.

Fall VectorBase Announcements

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a batch of major data and functional updates at the VectorBase website, including gene expression data and manual annotations for the entire A. gambiae 2L chromosome arm. Please read on for more details.

Organism & Data Updates

EST Datasets Updated

Public EST data for all organisms has been updated and is available for use with BLAST and for download.

Initial release of BioMart

An initial release of the BioMart data mining tool is now available at VectorBase. BioMart allows you to build complex queries based on gene, transcript and protein characteristics.

New Culex quinquefasciatus Homepage

A new homepage for all Culex quinquefasciatus data is now available.

C. pipiens Trace Reads Updated

All trace reads available at the NCBI Trace Archives as of September, 2006 are now available for download and for use with the VectorBase BLAST service.


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