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Stable ID mapping between genesets AaegL3.5 and Aa

Forthcoming SNP data

This is just a brief announcement to say that Anopheles gambie variation data from Rachel Wiltshire and colleagues at the University of Notre Dame will appear in VectorBase in a forthcoming release under the PopBio project VBP0000212.

Release VB-2017-12

We are pleased to announce the December 2017 release of VectorBase (VB-2017-12):
  • Aedes aegypti AaegL5 assembly update
    • In this release the old Aedes aegypti AaegL3 assembly has been retired and has been replaced by the latest AaegL5 assembly from the Aedes aegypt Genome Working group. All future annotation and updates at VectorBase will be made on the new AaegL5 assembly.

New PopBio data

Ten new insecticide resistance projects have been added to PopBio and a beta/prototype genotype view is available for testing. This shows allele frequencies for commonly assayed variant loci such as kdr and Ace1.

New and remapped/reprocessed transcript expression data

  • Three new differential expression experiments have been added to the expression browser, including the first expression data in VectorBase for Glossina :
  • Find a Data Display

  • The Tools page has been updated to include resources within the tools. We invite you to take a look, most are not new but you may have not noticed them before. One of these is 'Find a Data Display'.
  • Microsatellites with a STRUCTURE export feature

  • We have introduced a new Export feature, called Export STRUCTURE, to enhance Search functionality, for which the exported CSV file can be used with the STRUCTURE software.
  • This can be done through the renovated Export (button) in the Search page where Export Download, Sequence, and STRUCTURE are available in the popup window.
  • Please note that one needs to first select Population Biology (Domain) and Sample genotype (Sub-domain) from the Filter Results in order to activate Export STRUCTURE function (button).
  • Anopheles gambiae variation data

    The Anopheles gambiae variation database has been updated and variants from dbSNP that had no linked genotype data have been removed. Variants calls for non An. gambiae colonies that were aligned to the An. gambiae PEST sequence have also removed. These two revisions have lead to an ~2% drop in the total number of SNP variants for An. gambiae

    Anopheles atroparvus AatrE2 assembly update

    • A new assembly and gene set have been created for Anopheles atroparvus based on the paper "Partial-arm translocations in evolution of malaria mosquitoes revealed by high- coverage physical mapping of the Anopheles atroparvus genome" (Sharakov et al, BMC Genomics, manuscript submitted).
    • The AatrE2 assembly is a rescaffolding of the sequence of the previous AatrE1 assembly; this has lead to aleration to the genomic feature coordinates, but there have been no changes to the underlying sequences or gene content.


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