The AaegL2.1 geneset is a significant update to the Aedes aegypti annotations incorporating models derived from RNAseq datasets as well as from the community. Many loci have been merged and 4,600 new UTRs have been added adding over 3.2 Mb of sequence to transcriptome. It is hoped that these changes will increase the volume of RNAseq data aligning to the transcriptome and improve sequence-based measures of gene expression.


Genes Protein-coding Other
17,161 15,784 1,377


Transcripts Protein-coding Other
18,520 17,143 1,377
Release date: 
9 Dec 2013


The Aedes aegypti Liverpool LVP strain genome sequence is a joint effort between the Broad Institute and The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR).