The AalbS2,1 gene set contains gene model alterations from the AalbS2 assembly update. One protein coding gene and a total of twelve tRNA genes (present as a single cluster in the AablbS1 assembly) were lost as a result of alterations to the scaffolding and identification of probable assembly errors.


Genes Protein-coding Other
12,521 12,109 412


Transcripts Protein-coding Other
12,643 12,231 412
Release date: 
12 Dec 2016


This assembly is a re-scaffolding of AalbS1 using a high resolution cytogenetic map to construct a chromosome based genome assembly as described in the publication "The physical genome mapping of Anopheles albimanus corrected scaffold misassemblies and Identified inter-arm rearrangements in genus Anopheles" . Subsequent physical mapping, assisted by an ortholog-based bioinformatics approach, identified and corrected 9 misassemblies in 5 large genomic scaffolds.