Standard An. gambiae strain for genetic mapping, in situ hybridizations, and behavioral studies. Colony originated from Suakoko, Liberia (by courtesy of Professor M. Coluzzi, Rome).


Homozygous Xag, 2R+, 2La, 3R+, 3L+. MOPTI rDNA form

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SUA2La was established in the laboratory of Mario Coluzzi from material collected in Liberia that was subsequently selected for a karyotype fixed for the 2La inversion and wild type for all other inversions. Its rDNA type indicates that it is Anopheles coluzzii.


Anopheles coluzzii, formerly known as Anopheles gambiae M molecular form, was defined as a separate species in 2013 (Coetzee et al.). An. coluzzii belongs to the Anopheles gambiae species complex, which consists of at least seven species.