Population Biology Submission Guide

Submit data to VectorBase

Although this resource is in the early stages of development, we are ready and willing to receive data submissions from anyone working on population or laboratory studies involving vector species samples that produce genotype and/or phenotype data (pure field collections with species identifications are also welcome).

We would be happy to receive both low and high throughput data as well as published "legacy" data.

All data is submitted under the condition that it will be made publicly available upon publication or one year after submission, whichever is sooner.

We have tried to make the submission process as painless as possible, using open source tools with user-friendly interfaces to assist with data entry and description. We are using Google Spreadsheets, which have a built-in ontology term lookup capability, as a platform for submitting population biology data.

The general submission procedure is

  1. Log in to Google Docs/Google Drive. You do not need to install the Google Drive software for your computer if you don't want to, as all editing will be done to online collaborative documents.
  2. Visit the example submission spreadsheet
  3. Using the File menu copy the whole spreadsheet so that you now own a copy. Ideally the new name of the document should identify you/your lab and the project.
  4. Send us a message via the contact us page (or email) so we can arrange for you to share the document with us so that
    • We can help you fill it in
    • We can download the contents when it's time to submit

Presubmission queries are welcome and should be sent to the VectorBase help desk.