Expression data (faqs)

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Why do you reanalyze the microarray and RNAseq data?


We have developed (and are always looking at improving) a standardised analysis pipeline for microarray and RNAseq differential expression data in VectorBase. We use this in preference to the original authors' processed data for the following reasons:

How do I find more details about a differential expression experiment?


In the Expression Browser, the Expression report page has a brief overview with links about each experiment for the gene of interest, e.g., AGAP001111

Each experiment is presented in a row. Notice each experiment has three links, i.e., Microarray/RNAseq experiment info, Plots and data and, details. Click on Microarray/RNAseq experiment info.

Can VectorBase make my transcript data available?


We can add any RNAseq data to download from our website as long as the organism fits the VectorBase requirement (invertebrate, vector human pathogen). Click here for the currently available data sets.