The AgamP3.3. gene set was released in February 2006.


The AaegL1.1 gene set was released in July 2006. It is derived from the Aedes aegypti AaegL1


AgamP3.4 was released at VectorBase in July 2007.

The same annotation is visible at Ensembl from release 45.

Changes from previous gene set AgamP3.3

Significant differences from the previous annotation include:


The first update to the MOZ1 assembly, MOZ2 involved the results of a concerted effort to correct some of the ambiguities in scaffold map locations and orientations by manual analysis of the archived BAC chromosome hybridization photographs and by the hybridization of a small number of new BAC clones selected to resolve questions of scaffold orientation. The new AGP file, and early draft of which was first displayed on the A. gambiae genome poster published in the 4 October 2002 issue of science, formed the basis of a new annotation and gene build displayed on 1 October 2003 (MOZ2). This assembly was also 278 Mb.


AgamP3.5 was released at VectorBase in September 2009.

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