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If you are getting started with gene manual annotation or you need more advanced documentation this tutorial may be for you, scroll to the bottom of the page to find it in PDF format. The tutorial shows how the community publicly annotates genes using Apollo. VectorBase provides automatic quality control for new gene models, and any issues are informed to the manual curators via the Apollo user list (wa-user@vectorbase.org). For issues arising in gene models, such as synonym metadata, VectorBase is the final arbiter. VectorBase has no personnel dedicated to manually curate genes for each one of the 40 hosted genomes, the quality of the gene set will improve faster if the community plays an active role in correcting gene predictions via manual annotations or providing data sets to inform annotations.

Additional helpful tips can be found in the Apollo FAQs.

If you want to discuss any issues raised in this tutorial then please contact the help desk.

In addition to our main Twitter account we also have a dedicated account for gene manual annotations:

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