Sample and Genotype Explorers

Search and explore metadata and variations (single nucleotide polymorphisms, SNPs and insertions and deletions, INDELs) associated with biological samples and display them in the Genome Browser and the Population Biology Browser. The Sample and Genotype Explorers are currently in development stage and we welcome any feedback on how they perform, or features that you would like to see.

Sample Explorer

The Sample Explorer allows you to query projects, samples, geodata and sample metadata to quickly locate populations and studies of interest. Features such as term suggestion allow you to rapidly isolate terms of interest, e.g., insecticide resistance or disease, and results are displayed as graphical summaries or can exported as a spreadsheet. Where genotype data is available for samples it is also possible to link to the genome browser variation display to explore the exact nature of genetic variation at a locus.

Genotype Explorer

The Genotype Explorer can act as a multi species viewer for genetic variation, and allows VCF file export of selected genomic regions and viewing of variants in the context of protein domains and orthologous genes.

Both explorers have tutorials available. The Sample Explorer tutorial is available from the tool front page (top right corner) and also from this link. The Genotype Explorer tutorial is available from the tool front page (follow this link to reach it). If you want to discuss any issues raised in these tutorials then please contact the help desk.

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