VectorBase webinar series

For those of you that want to learn more about VectorBase data, tools, and resources but are unable to host or attend a VectorBase standard (in-person) workshop, have attended one previously but would like to have a refresher, or learn what is new, we have created VectorBase webinars. You will have the opportunity to ask questions in real-time; we want to have a fully interactive format. In addition to the presenter, we will have other members of the team ready to answer your questions in the Q&A section.

This first VectorBase webinar series will be held every two weeks over the next two months. In each webinar you will learn about a specific aspect of VectorBase. Except for the first one, each session, will be accompanied with practice exercises. Each answer key will be posted a week after its corresponding webinar, but as always, we welcome any questions from you at our help desk email,

You can attend just the webinars that interest you; however we encourage you to attend the first two which represent general features of VectorBase. This is the schedule of the five webinars:

The webinars will take place on Thursdays, the first one from 9:00 to 9:45 am EST and the latter four from 9:00 to 9:45 am EDT (adjusted for daylight saving time in the US). Please click here for a link to the webinar start time in your timezone.

Sign up is required but attendance is free. Upon registration you will receive an email with connection details. Follow this link to sign up:


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